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Join My Challenge Group

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  • Have you been stuck in a rut with your workout and need a change?
  • Are you going to the gym every day, but not seeing any results?
  • Do you to eat healthy but you just can't stay away from the chips and cookies?

I have the perfect solution for you.  It is my Personal Fitness Challenge Accountability Group.

What is a Fitness Challenge Accountability Group?

It is a small group of 4-5 people who are committed to their health and fitness and want to achieve their goals.  Its a group of people who push each other to be the best that they can be.  Its a group that shares their accomplishments, their struggles, their goals and their challenges in the hopes of supporting and motivating the rest of the group.  Everyone in the group is committed to working out at least 5 days a week, committed to a healthy nutrition plan including Shakeology, and open to sharing their fitness goals and accomplishments with the group.  I will be actively coaching the group, participating in the group, and moderating the discussions.  The primary method of communications for the group is a private Facebook Group where everyone will be expected to post updates on a daily basis.  This approach eliminates any kind of geographical restrictions and lets us bring together anyone who wants to make the commitment.

Why are Fitness Challenge Accountability Groups so effective?

Accountability is the key to our success.  Most people start out a new fitness program full of enthusiasm and energy, but often that enthusiasm fades quickly at the first sign of adversity.  In the accountability group, your fellow participants will be expecting to see your workout logged each day and see the progress that you are making towards your goals.  Those mornings that you don't feel like getting up to workout, you will know in the back of your mind that the rest of the group will notice if you don't show up.  When you are tempted by that donut in the office break-room you can think about the others in the group who are making sacrifices to achieve their goals.  You can even tap into your competitive side by comparing your progress to the others in the group.  If you have 3 or 4 friends who all want to work toward their health and fitness goals, we can even form a group just for you and your friends.

How do I join the group?

The first step is the really think about WHY you want to be in a group like this.  I would love to have you in my group, but YOU have to be committed.  You have to truly want to make a change in your life.  When you and I talk about the Challenge Group, my first question will be "Why do you want to join this group?"  I am looking to see what is driving and motivating you.  Next, you need to sign up for your free Beachbody account with me as your coach.  We use the Team Beachbody account for logging and tracking your workouts so this step is important.  Click Here to start setting up your free account.  Once you setup your account I will contact you to discuss your goals, nutrition, and what fitness program you would like to do.

I am now forming groups to start in March.  These challenge groups give you the best possible tools for success with your fitness.  If you have been unsure of where to start, or you are not getting the results you want, this is perfect for you.  All fitness levels are welcome so contact me today and let's get on the road to good health!

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