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My Favorite Supplement - Shakeology

Shakeology Bag ChocolateOne of the most important aspects of any fitness program is nutrition.  If you are skinny and trying to build muscle mass it is especially important because you need to take in a lot of calories. Of course it is easy to get a load of calories from junk food, but it is much more difficult to get the calories you need from healthy clean sources.  Most of us don't get the nutrients and vitamins necessary to fuel our muscles and gain mass.  If you want to get ripped fast, you need to supplement your normal diet with additional essential vitamins and minerals.  For me, the most important supplement is Shakeology.

Shakeology is not a diet drink, or weight loss drink.  Those things are simply designed to trick they body into thinking it is not hungry.  Shakeology is a health shake that includes over 70 healthy ingredients.  I am not aware of any other health drink that provides so many benefits in a simple, convenient drink.  It has Protein and amino acids to help build and repair muscle, Prebiotics to help with digestion, Antioxidants and Phytonutrients to help boost your immune system, and 23 different vitamins and minerals.

Since I am such a skinny guy with a high metabolism, i can eat whatever I want without gaining any weight.  In fact, I have a huge sweet tooth and I used to eat cookies, cupcakes, ice cream and just about any other sweet that I could get my hands on.  What I did not realize is that those foods made me feel tired and week.  It didn't give me any energy to workout so I was not seeing any muscle gain.  In addition, I found out that my cholesterol was high and I needed to make a change.


After drinking Shakeology for several weeks, I actually stopped having the cravings for sweets.  It also made me feel more energetic, more alert, and helped me to really push my limits in my workout.  Shakeology improved my digestion, made me feel more healthy, and even helped to lower my cholesterol.

One of the best part about Shakeology is the taste.  I usually use the chocolate flavor, blend it up with some 2% milk, ice, and a spoon full of peanut butter and it is delicious.  The other thing that I love about Shakeology is the convenience.  As a father of 4 with a busy career, I am always on the go.  Shakeology is a great way to get all the nutrition I need out of a meal, without taking the time and effort to prepare something and then sit at the table to eat it.  Many people skip breakfast because they don't have time or they feel they are cutting calories to lose weight.  However, Breakfast REALLY is the most important meal of the day.  Think about it, your body has gone 8-10 hours without food and is primed to take in some valuable fuel.  Skipping this meal will disrupt your body's metabolism and may actually cause your body to go into Starvation Mode.  Starvation Mode means that your body thinks it is being starved and therefore it stores fat reserves to compensate.

Shakeology is not a weight loss product.  However, as part of a healthy diet and physical exercise program, weight loss is a natural side effect.  I am not a person who is looking for weight loss, but the benefits that I have personally experienced are increased energy, lower cholesterol, reduced cravings for junk food, lower body fat %, and building muscle mass.  I recommend Shakeology to everyone I know because I believe that it just helps you to live a more healthy life.  My wife has been using Shakeology for 6 months and has seen an incredible transformation in her body.  Even my Dad and my Mother-in-Law use Shakeology as part of a healthy lifestyle.

If you have any questions about Shakeology please contact me.  I can provide you with a sample and help you to incorporate Shakeology as a part of your healthy nutrition plan.  Beachbody offers a 30-day full money back guarantee, so I you use it for a month and don't think it is working for you, they provide a full refund.

Next to your at home workout, this is one of the most important steps you can take to get ripped.  If you are ready to make the commitment to your health click the button below and order Shakeology.


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