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Best Home Workout to Get Ripped

Body Beast: Day 1 Revew

Starting my 90-day BODY BEAST Challenge

BODY BEAST WorkoutI have been waiting for months and today I am officially starting the new BODY BEAST program from Beachbody.  I will be blogging and documenting my experience with BODY BEAST over the next 90 days so that you can see my progress.  Over the next 90 days you and I can both judge whether or not this program can really help a skinny guy like me gain mass and build muscle.  I will be following the BODY BEAST nutrition plan, taking the new Extreme Nutrition supplements and working out at 5:00 am every day to get the best results possible.  I am hoping to gain 10-15 pounds of mass and really see some definition form in my muscles.


BODY BEAST to Build Muscle

BODY BEAST: Finally a Workout for the Skinny Guy

Sagi Kalev from BODY BEASTIt's FINALLY here!  The new BODY BEAST program is officially available for purchase.  This is the first at home workout program designed specifically for skinny guys who want to gain mass and build muscle.  BODY BEAST includes everything you need from the workouts, to nutrition, to supplements.  They have even developed a new line of body mass supplements specifically to go with BODY BEAST.  They tell you what to eat, when to eat, and how to get the most out of your workouts using the supplements so that you can get totally ripped.

Recently I attended the Beachbody Coaches Summit in Las Vegas and I had the opportunity to meet Sagi Kalev, the BEAST himself.  I learned that Sagi grew up as a skinny kid who got picked on and struggled to fit in.  Through hard work, dedication, and commitment Sagi did whatever it took and eventually became a champion bodybuilder.  Sagi is not just about pumping iron, but he is about character, work ethic, discipline, and persistence.


BODY BEAST Coming Soon


The Latest News About BODY BEAST

Update! BODY BEAST is now available for purchase - Click HERE to order NOW!

Recently I posted about a new at-home workout program called BODY BEAST. This program is specifically designed to increase muscle mass and get you ripped.  I am extremely excited about this workout because it is exactly what I have been looking for since I completed my first round of P90X.  This program will take the skinny guys and give them the tools and recipe they need to get ripped.  Even though this program is still in development, some information is starting to trickle out regarding BODY BEAST and I will keep you posted on everything we know so far.

How Long of a Program is BODY BEAST?

BODY BEAST is designed as a 90-day program just like many of the other very successful Beachbody programs.  I really love the fact that these fitness programs have a specific schedule and timeline.  It really helps me to stay motivated when I know that there is a "finish-line".  I would find it overwhelming to say that I am going to do a certain workout indefinitely, but it is much more manageable to commit to 90 days.  After the 90 days you can measure your results and then either start another 90 days or else move on to a different routine.


Build Muscle with BODY BEAST

Body Beast Skinny to Ripped

BODY BEAST is the newest at-home workout program from Beachbody, the makers of P90X.  BODY BEAST focuses on gaining mass and getting ripped using body building techniques, nutrition, and supplements.  This is the program that all of the hard-gainers have been waiting for.  I am really excited about this program because it is specifically designed for skinny guys like me who have difficulty adding mass.  Finally Beachbody has developed a program that will provide all the tools needed to bulk up and build muscle.  If you are looking to go from scrawny to brawny then this is the workout for you.


P90X2 Foundation Phase Review

Building Core Strength and Balance

P90X2 Foundation PhaseP90X2 is broken down into 3 Phases, building on the concept of muscle confusion that was introduced by Tony Horton in P90X.  However, P90X2 has taken muscle confusion to a whole new level.  P90X2 applies the latest in science and training techniques by using total body movements, incorporating multiple muscle sets in a single move.  For example, you don't just do dumbbell curls to work the biceps, but you do dumbbell curls while standing on 1 foot in Warrior 3 yoga pose.  This type of move engages muscles in the arms, back, legs, glutes, and core all at once.  Imagine the 1 arm balance pushups from P90X, but with your hands on medicine balls.  Many of the concepts in P90X2 are used by elite athletes to build muscle, improve flexibility and mobility, and prevent injuries.  If you are someone that got ripped doing P90X then you are going to love P90X2!


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