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Best Home Workout to Get Ripped

Does P90X Work for Skinny Guys

Does P90X Work for Skinny Guys?

I was always skeptical of the P90X videos that showed dramatic P90X transformations of skinny guys getting ripped or very overweight guys losing a ton of weight.  I really didn't believe that those types of transformations were possible in just 90 days.  I have always been a very skinny guy - what some people would call a hard gainer.  It has always been difficult for me to put on any weight and I had difficulty building muscle.  Last year, I decided to Bring It hard for 90 days and decide for myself if P90X really works.

My Answer = Skinny Guys Can Absolutely get Ripped with P90X

Skinny Guys Can Get Ripped with P90X

In 90 days I was able to transform my body, build lean muscle, and get ripped abs.  I can honestly say that P90X works for skinny guys like me - my before and after pictures are the proof.  How did I do it?  Well, I made a total commitment to follow the program 100% for 90 days.  It certainly wasn't easy, and I started and failed several times before I had any success.  However, once I finally committed to the 90 days - without skipping workouts, following the nutrition plan, and drinking Shakeology - I was able to get the kind of results that you see on TV.  I am proof that this program can work and I want to share the secrets with you.

If you want to learn the secrets to my success, sign up for a Free Beachbody Membership and make me your coach.  I will add you to my personal accountability group and help you to find the right workout and nutrition that works for you.  Don't expect overnight success, but if you put in the effort, you will be rewarded.  Here are a few tips to get you started:


Staying Fit while Traveling

I travel quite a bit with my job, and it can be very difficult to stick to your healthy lifestyle when you are on the road.  However, if you want to really build muscle fast and meet your fitness goals, you have to stick with your program even when you travel.  I have come up with a few tips that help me to get ripped when I am away from home.


Why I Started P90x

Let's just say this... the whole P90X thing was not my idea.

It was my wife, Mary, who first saw the infamous P90X videos on TV shortly after the birth of our 4th child.  During those late nights up feeding the baby she would watch the infomercial over and over again.  As she watched people get ripped and their amazing P90X transformations she started to get excited thinking that this might finally be the way for her to loose weight and get back to her pre-pregnancy shape.

One day she came to me and asked me to watch the P90X videos with her.  I was initially very skeptical because in my mind, infomercials are always selling something that doesn't really work.  Does P90X really work?  Can a skinny guy build muscle and have the type of P90X transformation that they showed on TV?  Well, she kept after me and convinced me that it was my job as a husband to support her in her fitness goals, and that I should do that by starting P90X together with her.


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