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What Equipment Do I Need for P90X

One of the great things about the P90X at home fitness program is that you can get started with very little equipment.  All of the exercises in the P90X program can be done with a simple set of resistance bands.  Resistance bands can be purchases through Beachbody, or at any of your local sporting goods stores.  The nice thing about the resistance bands is that they are inexpensive, don't take a lot of room, and they travel well so that you can take your routine with you on the road.  Bands come in different thicknesses.  The thicker the band, the more the resistance.  Make sure you get a band with the appropriate resistance for your level.

Of course, once you start building muscle and really get into P90X, you will probably want to buy some additional gear so that you can get the most out of your workout.  Here are a few items that I use and recommend.

P90X Deluxe with Pull Up Bar

  • Pull up Bar -  The most convenient pull up bar I have found is the kind that fits in your doorway and attaches to the trim at the top of the doorway.  This type of bar can be installed and removed very quickly and easily and put away when you are not using it.  It has several different hand grips allowing for various hand positions from narrow to wide.  This was probably my first purchase because I didn't like doing pull ups with the resistance bands.
  • Dumbbells -  Many of the exercises in P90X require some kind of resistance.  I personally prefer the dumbbells over the bands because it give me a more effective workout.  The obvious question with dumbbells is what size weights to buy?  This is tough because it is quite expensive to buy a full range of weights, but you will certainly need at least 3-4 different sizes.  When I started P90X I was using 5, 10, 12, and 20 pound dumbbells.  As I started to get stronger, I need more than 20.  Instead of buying a bunch more individual dumbbells, I decided to buy a set of Powerblock dumbbells.  These are dumbbells that adjust from 5 pounds all the way up to 50 pounds.  They are not cheap, but will cost less in the long run then buying all the weights individually.
  • Yoga Mat - This becomes essential pretty quick especially when you are doing Ab Ripper X.  Get a pretty thick mat and save your tail bone some pain.  I also like to use the mat for push ups because it provides some padding for my hands and helps to keep them from slipping.
  • Push Up Stands - These bars help to increase your range of motion as you become more experienced with push ups.  Push up bars also help to reduce some of the strain on your wrists when you do push ups.

You can purchase the P90X Deluxe bundle from Beachbody which includes the resistance bands, pull up bar, pro jump mat, a month's supply of results and recovery formula, and 2 bonus workouts.

The number one thing with P90X is GET STARTED.  You don't need a lot of fancy equipment.  Just get busy and get ripped.  You can upgrade your equipment later on but don't put off starting because you think you need different gear.  Contact me to learn how you can get a 25% discount on P90X and any equipment or supplements available through Beachbody.

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