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Power90 Review

Go from Skinny to Ripped with Power90

It seems that everyone has heard of P90X, but did you know the Tony Horton actually got his start with an at home workout program called Power90?  Power90 is the precursor to P90X ( P90X stands for Power90 Extreme).  If your read my article Why I Started P90X, you know the I started out with Power90 when I was a skinny guy who didn't know anything about working out.  Power90 was my first real exposure to working out and it provided me with the fundamentals that I needed to begin transforming my body.  Doing Power90 for 90 days, along with Shakeology, helped me to build the strength and confidence that I needed to take the next step in my fitness.

A lot of people are intimidated by P90X or don't feel like they are fit enough to start P90X. Power 90 is the perfect solution for those people.

Power90 is an at home workout program that combines resistance training with cardio to provide a full body workout.  This is an excellent program for people who are skinny or out of shape and need a stepping stone to move to P90X.  Power90 uses many of the same moves as P90X but does them at a more beginner level.  The moves in Power90 are easy to learn and Tony Horton presents the workout in a way that is fun and encouraging.

Skinny to Ripped with Power 90


The program is broken down into 2 phases, with 3 different workouts in each phase.

Phase 1: Sculpt Circuit 1-2, Sweat Cardio 1-2, Ab-Ripper 100

Phase 2: Sculpt Circuit 3-4, Sweat Cardio 3-4, Ab-Ripper 200


The Sculpt circuit workouts are resistance workouts designed to build muscle and strength.  Each circuit has exercises designed to target different muscle groups – arms, legs, shoulders, chests, back.  The Sweat Cardio workouts help to shed fat, build up endurance, and improve cardiovascular health.  Finally the Ab-Ripper focuses on reducing fat around the midsection and building 6-pack abs.  Phase 1 starts off easier and helps you to get used to the exercises.  Phase 2 adds additional intensity and reps as your body becomes stronger and more fit.

Power 90 can be done with either dumbbells or resistance bands.  The videos demonstrate both methods.  I personally prefer dumbbells, but you will need several different sizes depending on the specific exercise.  The bands are nice because they are adjustable, convenient, and inexpensive.

Can a skinny guy get ripped with Power 90?  Absolutely.  If you eat right, bring a high intensity, and follow my tips for building muscle you can get ripped.  I tried to jump right into P90X and realized that I wasn't ready for the Extreme.  Rather than get frustrated with P90X, I spent 90 days with Power 90 and got myself into great shape.  Once I started P90X I was able to take it to the next level.

I would like to help you reach your fitness goals by sharing my experiences and the tips and tricks I have learned through the programs.  Sign up to have me as your FREE Beachbody coach, and I will help you to take it to the next level.  Learn more about having a Beachbody Coach.

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