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P90X2 is Coming!

If you have done several rounds of P90X and you are ready for another challenge, then you are in Luck.  P90X2 was unveiled at the Team Beachbody Coaches Summit last week and it is going to get you RIPPED!  Tony Horton has been studying sports science with Dr. Marcus Elliott at P3 Action Sports in Santa Barbara, California.  Dr. Elliott is an internationally renowned leader in the field of sports science and P3 trains some of the worlds top athletes.  P90X2 will allow you to tap into some of the Functional Fitness training techniques used by elite athletes to build muscle, improve flexibility and mobility, and prevent injuries.

At the Team Beachbody Coaches Summit I had the opportunity to see some clips of the new P90X2 program and listen to Tony Horton talk about the program in his own words.  P90X2 will be divided into 3 phases: Foundation, Strength, and Performance with a continuation of the Muscle Confusion philosophy that was used in the original program.  P90X2 will contain 12 different DVD's but due to the increased intensity of the workouts the schedule only calls for workouts 5 days a week.  Tony also discussed the much hated Yoga portion of the program and stressed how important Yoga is to maintaining flexibility, building strength, and preventing injury.  However, the Yoga program in P90X2 has been consolidated from 90 minutes down to about 60 minutes.

“... its about Power and Strength and Stability and Coordination and Stamina, its about Athleticism ... it's gonna Blow Your Mind.”

- Tony Horton

Based on the clips that we saw at Summit, there are some crazy moves in this program and it is definitely going to take some time to master.  P90X2 incorporates balls, a weighted bar, foam roller, and several other new pieces of equipment.  However, as before, there will always be ways to modify P90X2 so it can be done with nothing but resistance bands.  One of the things that you will not find in P90X2 are cardio routines.  Tony Horton explained that most of the workouts are designed to be total body routines that involve the entire body.  These routines get your heart rate up, but also build muscle and strength.

I had the opportunity to workout in person with Tony Horton at the Team Beachbody Coaches Summit and he introduced us to one of the new routines from P90X called PAP - Post Activation Potentiation.  This is a new training technique that is revolutionizing the way that elite athletes prepare their bodies.  Tony is bringing that to the rest of us in P90X2.  I can certainly attest that this workout kicked my butt.

P90X2 is available in 3 different packages:

P90X2 Base Package includes 12 workouts, P90X2 Fitness Guide, P90X2 Nutrition guide, "How To Bring It" video, and as always a 90 day money back guarantee.

P90X2 Deluxe Package includes everything that is in the Base Package, plus  2 - 8 pound medicine balls, a foam roller, Stability ball, and 2 bonus workouts.

P90X2 Ultimate Package includes everything that is in the Base Package, plus  2 - 8 pound medicine balls, a Pro-grade foam roller, Stability ball,  a set of Power Stands pushup bars, and 2 bonus workouts.


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