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BODY BEAST to Build Muscle

BODY BEAST: Finally a Workout for the Skinny Guy

Sagi Kalev from BODY BEASTIt's FINALLY here!  The new BODY BEAST program is officially available for purchase.  This is the first at home workout program designed specifically for skinny guys who want to gain mass and build muscle.  BODY BEAST includes everything you need from the workouts, to nutrition, to supplements.  They have even developed a new line of body mass supplements specifically to go with BODY BEAST.  They tell you what to eat, when to eat, and how to get the most out of your workouts using the supplements so that you can get totally ripped.

Recently I attended the Beachbody Coaches Summit in Las Vegas and I had the opportunity to meet Sagi Kalev, the BEAST himself.  I learned that Sagi grew up as a skinny kid who got picked on and struggled to fit in.  Through hard work, dedication, and commitment Sagi did whatever it took and eventually became a champion bodybuilder.  Sagi is not just about pumping iron, but he is about character, work ethic, discipline, and persistence.

BODY BEAST takes the best of old school bodybuilding and merges it with a breakthrough in sports science called Dynamic Set Training.  One of the keys to building huge muscles is to increase the body's natural production of testosterone.  Dynamic Set Training is all about maximizing the body's ability to produce this hormone.  The number of reps, the speed of the reps, and the total length of the workouts all contribute to maximize testosterone production and thus bigger muscles.

BODY BEAST includes 12 workouts broken out into 3 different training blocks - Build, Bulk, and Beast.  You start out in the Build phase where your body is introduced to the new exercises and the massive amount of food that you need to eat. This phase is about forming a strong foundation on which you will base the rest of the program.  The Bulk phase is where you will begin to see changes in your body and definition starting to form in your muscles.  Bulk involves consuming a huge amount of calories and getting maximum growth of your muscles.  Finally, The Beast phase will focus on trimming the remaining fat so all that remains is lean muscle and your body is completely shredded.

BODY BEAST workout for skinny guys

To me, the most exciting part of the BODY BEAST program is the Nutrition Guide and Extreme Nutrition Supplements.  When I tried to gain mass with other programs, I was constantly searching for information on how to eat, when to eat, and how to incorporate supplements into my routine.  This program has everything all laid out for you so that all you have to do is follow the guide and feel confident that you are getting the maximum benefit.   It tells you how to calculate your calories and how many proteins, carbs, and fats you should be eating.  The nutrition guide even includes recipes, tips for eating on the go, information on protein shakes, and how to eat on a budget.

Diet and Nutrition is really the most critical component to success with bodybuilding, and to build mass you need to eat A LOT of food.  Sometimes it is just not possible to get all the calories and nutrients that you need through whole foods, that is where supplements come in.  Supplements help your body get the calories and macronutrients required in a way that is easy and convenient.  The problem is that there are so many supplements on the market that it can get really confusing.  Beachbody has taken the confusion out by incorporating 4 key supplements right into the program to ensure maximum results.

BODY BEAST is exactly the type of program that skinny guys like me have been waiting for.  There is no need to go to the gym, and no reason to feel like you don't know where to start.  BODY BEAST will help you go from scrawny to brawny right in the comfort of your own home.  I can't wait to get started and I will be documenting my journey along the way so that you can see my progress.  If you want to join me and  try Body Beast for yourself then click the link below.  By ordering directly from me, you get a FREE Bonus DVD and you can participate in my private Challenge Group where I will coach you and push you to reach your highest potential.  Stay tuned, because I am planning to become a BEAST!

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BODY BEAST to build muscle




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